Something post-worthy…

Good Evening.

I’m currently wearing a bathrobe. Yay?

Yeah, I’m sure you wanted to know that…

So, post-worthy things? Do I need something worth posting to post? Lack of it hasn’t stopped me, but I always prefer to say something substantial…


Back to school tomorrow. When I word it like that it feels so childish, reminds me of primary schools for some reason… it’s not, sometimes I wish it was… I miss the days when all I had to do was spend an hour adding and subtracting 10s from numbers for an hour, listen to some assembly for 30 minutes, run around outside for 15 minutes, write some story, or something, have lunch, do a bit of singing (not that anyone there could sing, especially not me, I just mimed :P) then go home…

Now I have to identify a chemical compound from its H NMR, C-13 NMR, mas and IR spectra… much more complex… That’s reminded me, I need to do a chemistry exam paper thing for Friday… I’d completely forgotten about that… what was it? June 2010 paper… I’ll look for it.

Tomorrow, double free to start the term with, always nice. Then chemistry, I have no idea if I had any work for that, and I don’t talk to anyone in my chemistry lessons outside the lessons… well, outside of school anyway… Then double Butcher, I know we had to revise for a mock for him, but I was too busy revising for my Science exams, that’s believable fabrication. Not a fabrication, forget I said that. Don’t think there was anything else, certainly hope there wasn’t.

Very baggy sleeves on this thing; then again, my usual attire is accused of having tight sleeves by Leeski and James…

Anything good on TV tonight? Not Going Out? That’ll do.

Did you know I’ve lost weight? According to some scales in this house I’m now 55.4 kg… That’s quite bad in my opinion…

Off to watch Dave Ja vu, thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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