Good Evening.

Yeah, I have no idea what that title is for…

Unhelpful realisations impede progress… That’s all the explanation I feel like giving on that one.

So, today, Emski made me use ‘Wii fit’… which put me at 21, and underweight. Not sure how it came to the conclusion… then again, she was 22 and obese, so I can’t really complain… (For those of you who don’t know, I’m 17(?), and she’s 20(?) correct me if I’m wrong, and I probably am.) Ben refused to do it, probably too embarrassed or something, claimed he was opposed to Wii’s, perfectly happy to spend all afternoon on monopoly on it though… Lucky, and Molly did it.

Played monopoly on the Wii, what’s wrong with the board game? We have it somewhere… we don’t have half the pieces, but we’ve got the board…

I finally got round to watching the mass effect 3 trailer, that I got emailed about 18 days ago… Quite good, a bit weird… Graphics quality far exceeds that which will be exhibited in the game, don’t like that… That sounded weird, feels wrong to say…

I microwaved a penguin today, now he smells less lavender-ey, and somewhat wheat-ey. Not an improvement in my opinion…

Black and White, Black and White Creature Isle, and Black and White 2 Battle of the gods arrived today. Great games, they should make more. Go on Lionhead, you know you want to. A lovely company, named after a Hamster.

I’m running out of things to type… Err, had Pizza today, I have a picture of the cheese I had for a snack a few days ago, prior to ingestion, if you want me to upload it, my arm is healing annoyingly quickly, I like wounds, they’re fun. Getting them, not necessarily so…

Tom’s a pillock, never talks to me (on MSN) when I’m actually anywhere near my computer… Craig’s terrified of half a centimetre of snow… My slippers are awaiting incineration… need new ones. That’s probably everything.

Does hyperbole work both ways?

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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