Viscious puppy attacks!


I was attack by a puppy today!

Yeah, not really serious damage, but it kind of stings. Puppy’s not really an accurate term… He’s to old to be a puppy…

‘Ickle Archie :). So cute! I’m not going to blame him. well, I will…

So, other things, Craig didn’t know where Swannington was, and thought i lived in Coalville, he shall die for his ignorance. No, I’m just feeling childish…

I’ve been attempting to work on my ICT project today, and have encountered an interesting problem. I can usually get as far as adding one or two things to a form, or query, or table, before I get distracted by something trivial, such as an email from Amazon, then I spend anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours doing something unimportant and unnecessary… browsing amazon, reading things on Memory Alpha… It’s not productive…

On the plus side, Pie later, unless the evil fiends who feed me, my parents, changed their minds…

Still got a penguin between me and the keyboard… and am struggling to find things to say as i feel compelled to type more, but, err, can’t… Well, i can, but uit would be meaningless, to I’m going to add a command button to a form, the spend half an hour reading about canine skeletal structure…or something useless like that…

Ooh! Something! Tom was supposed to meet me outside Ians house, so we could replace him with a penguin. Where were you? (I’ll admit I wasn’t there, but I’m very much sure you didn’t show up.)

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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