Good Evening none and all!

Not a typo.

Good Evening.

Annoying days, no post until Tuesday… back at school on Thursday…

So, I really should get a working database for my ICT stuff…

Enough of that boring crap, and onto more…

As you may recall if you read my last blog, i requested people buy me this/that. (Which is more appropriate?) I’m assuming none of you have… So, anyway, try not to let me spend all my money, so i might be able to afford it sooner.

I’ve now finished watching Star Trek the Q Collective. Lots of star Trek good, not enough Star Trek, bad… and now i’m planning on buying all the Seasons of Star Treks I watch… Probably a good thing i don’t have money really… Not really the most sensible person when it comes to item acquisition… On the note, Nationwide. Why do you tell me i have £25 of cheques in my account thing when I cant use it? it’s just annoying me…

Hmm, I seem to be complaining an awful lot… I’m sure i promised to make this interesting several months ago…was that in a lack of breaking and entering? nope, its Tom-inclusive Predecessor

I’m kind of hugging a penguin as I type this… That’s a bit weird, but not a real penguin, just a microwavable, lavender scented one. i suppose the former covers all penguins, but don’t do that, it’s mean.

So cute!

(and someone elses, who’s lost it’s lavender scent and smells of cookies…)

Worse condition then mine, which is to be expected, I’ve only had it for about 8 days.

Anyway, enough penguins, another oxymoron in my opinion.

Hoy good are you people at Rebus puzzles? Dingbats, what ever you wand to call them?

I momentarily considered giving you one a day, but I’ve just decided against it, as it requires to much effort, and one of you would try to answer them, if you believe you would, and i should, all you have to do is ask, and donate something towards my unnecessary replacement Xbox fund. Which will require meeting me in person, as I’m far to lazy to set up a paypal thing or something…

I think I’ve sort of exhausted my conversation points now, and probably haven’t said anything interesting, please feel free to leave destructive criticism in the comment, i can’t stand that constructive crap.

Categories shall be lacking, as I can’t remember what the devil it was I wrote.

I’m off to fight a cat, who appears to have defecating intent, See you when ever i do, Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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