Cheese, cheese, and Emski.

Good Evening.

Happy new year, some of you.

Horrific new year to the rest…

So, I’ve been negligent with my blog lately, and for that I apologise. Sorry mother, sorry Tom. I think that’s just about everyone who reads this. 😛

Thanks to mother I had a very healthy and filling lunch. 300g of Cheddar…


On another cheese-ey note, Emski is obsessed with cheese, I said her wall looks unhealthy, she said ‘it’s mouldier then ripe stilton’… Meh, nothing wrong with that… Can’t fault someone for liking cheese.

Listening to Simon & Garfunkel now… For some reason Jeff didn’t expect me to like them… weird old man.

Okay, what have I got to do? Hand in ICT work, because I didn’t realise when it was… just people talking about firework displays yesterday… Play Fable…

Aah yes, something else I did. I acquired Microsoft points, a direct result of which is that I’m now onto about 800 MB free space on my Xbox hard drive… 4.2 GB of mass effect 2 DLC (and game saves) 1.5 GB of Halo 3 stuff, 1.2 of oblivion, 3.3 GB of Fable… need to delete things and/or get a better hard drive. Don’t really feel like putting a different hard drive in my Xbox, it wouldn’t match, mines all lovely and shiny orangeness. So I might just acquire one of those new ones… £199.99 from… anyone like to buy me one? Probably not… you all hate me don’t you, all two of you… or at least don’t like me enough to spend £200 on me for no particularly important reason.,,

Enough on that for now…

Although that’s the last thing I had to say… that I can remember no after that impromptu rant…

So, on that note, thanks for reading, see you though a camera lens, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Cheese, cheese, and Emski.”

  1. apology for lack of blogs accepted. new xbox on its way (ha ha not)


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