quick press!

Ladies and Gentlemen good evening.

I’ve got just under 20 minutes to post this, before it becomes tomorrows blog… although that would save me having to post tomorrow…

Right, I’ll admit that I’ve done no productive work for my A-Levels in the first week of this holiday… is it a week or six days? we finished last Tuesday at 13:00, it’s now the following Tuesday, 23:43. I don’t know. on a positive note, i will no longer be distracted by Assassins Creed Brotherhood, because i’ve finished the story mode. 25 hours of game play, because i like to explore. Still have to get the feathers, Flags, Templar, weird Abstergo symbols, and Christina things… probably other stuff to… still, gone enough for me.

So, starting tomorrow, when i wake up at noon, me very lazy now, I’ll try to start finishing my ICT work…

Watching Mock the Week on Dave, that’s fun…

Yeah, you probably shouldn’t expect anything as interesting as my usual mindless drivel. So I’m gonna go watch Tobys’ Vlogs, because I’m weird… than i’ll wait for Black and White 1, 2, and expansion packs to arive.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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