Missing Sins!


Well, that’s most certainly a deceptive title. Or is it?

It would appear I missed Thursday’s blog post, because I was playing Sins of a Galactic Empire. A lovely mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment. Slows the game down a lot though… not that it causes additional lag, it seems to reduce that, but it slows down ships, so instead of taking 3 minutes to get to, and capture a planet, it takes 15… Somewhat time consuming.

But yes, while playing that, waiting for my fleet (singular, I grouped them all together because I was bored, that didn’t help with game speed…) to pass through about 10 friendly systems, so or some reason I’ve yet to discover, I decided to do a little experiment, and see how many press ups I could do, (from feet, not knees.) I only managed 37, before my arms gave up, now I can type, but that’s about the limit… I’m not doing that again.

Amusing how often I seem to end up talking about my health, which isn’t good… it gives me the impression I’m egotistical, which I don’t like. But yes, my health isn’t good… shockingly underweight, negligible muscle mass, not fat reserves… if I get the flu I’ll probably just die… although that last one might not be entirely accurate. My immune system seems moderately healthy, especially judging by how hard hitting the common cold is…

I probably shouldn’t leave that section there, mother will probably decide I’m unhealthy, and must start doing exercises, then I’d end up more incapacitated then this on a daily basis…

What day is it now? Christmas Eve! How entirely inedible. Mostly because it’s a date, it can be hard to ingest a period of time…

I have purchased Black and White 2. I shall purchase Black and White 2: Battle of the Gods, when I have money again. Of course, any money I get for Christmas will go towards Microsoft points for Mass Effect (1+2) DLC.

I think that’s everything I had to say, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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