Good things… and not so good things…

Good Evening.

UCAS properly sent, so i can now get acknowledged…

Dr. Lewis is here, according to someone I don’t know who is… so i have a teacher today! Huzza?

I missed S+P to do UCAS, devastatig,  could have spent 50 minutes in the sports hall playing games… instead i spent 50 minutes in the post 16 office talked to Ede Cooper, and sending off UCAS, i think i might have got the better deal there…

err, what else? Pipes here leak black smoke, like martion tripods… I’m to lazy to play DDT, not dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, although i did two quests with my party of ‘real people’. They number of barbarians there makes combat easier…

What would be a good layout… I might try rouge, Cleric, Barb, barb, monk, fighter… see how that works… I’d like to have a sorceror in there somewhere, but healing, and disarming/lockpicking both seem more important, and the whole oint of that experiment in testing close combat heavy parties.

I remember when i tried a party of 6 sorcerers, that was great 😛 they failed miseraby, just droppig like flies all over the place, but quite entertaining.

Also tempting to try 6 barbarians, or 6 monks… Monks be nimble, monks be quick… and have adamantine fists. great fun!

anyhow, there’re a lot of people appearing over there, so i’m ging to run aware, and hide in a corner. Thanks for reading, Tata.

Love Willski.



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