Conversations, penultimate day, hungry…


I had an unusual conversation with Tom yesterday, post blog. during which he asked me for any news, response? my usual 😛


19/12/2010 22:38:16
what’s people been saying at schoo; then? any news?

19/12/2010 22:38:20 [c=36]:[Willski:[[/c][c=4][b][/b][/c=4]err… school….
Christmas dinner tomorrow, no doubt as disorganised as ever
Craig has taken to massagin, carressing, stroking, coddling fondling etc. Ian…
Steven’s always at freyas house during frees, and history lessons… 19/12/2010
Ians stopped beating me because i’ve sent UCAS off
Leeski is getting more childish, always ranting about ‘his stories’
Becky won’t shut up about homoerotic edward/carlilse twilight fan fic
nathan’s had interviews at oxford i think…
Callums had interviews at cambridge
Emmas started hugging everyone a lot…
Tylers not talking much except to make bad perverted jokes.
Kris changed his name
19/12/2010 22:39:23 [c=36]:[Willski:[[/c][c=4][b][/b][/c=4]
err… i think i’m running out
any questions?
19/12/2010  22:50:38
well we all know ian and craig are secretly gay, why has steven given up with history?, well you know ian, he will push you to get good grades and placements (good luck with as chances are most people wont get them, no offemce, you will tho as your gradesare great… infact most of the group will), lee is haveing his child years now as he didnt really have a childhood…. he seems to be in reverse, how’s his house by the way? becky never shuts up anyway, wow nathan well done, that explains why he hasnt been on in a while, callum is callum so no change there, how is his relationship with the group? is he stoll inresponsive from time to time? , emma is weird…. tyler is tyler so no real change, what has kris changed his name 2? and no thats about it really. Charlie i guess is being charlie… gets drunks adn takes the piss out of everyone, but somehow manages to get good grades


Is is my imagination, or is he being unusually offensive/hostile in there? I’ll have to kill him.

Err, today, I’m very hungry… want steak, or overpriced, heavily processed deliciousness from McDonalds…

Today was my penultimate day at KE VII this year, which apparently means i take about 80 pictures of Ian and Craig, some of which feature other people, but now i think i have one with Ian looking at the camera, so, to the skyline website! But, yes, overall today passed remarkably quickly… I’m suspicious… tomorrow will be boring…

Period 0, S+P (basically do nothing).

Period 1, free, break.

Period 2, free.

Period 3, chemistry, alegedly without a teacher, and only for half an hour.

Period 3 pt. 2, 1/2 an hour S+P. 13:00 go home.

Gaah, Cats are annoying me, they sit on the chair, they, (for lack of a less vulgar, preferable term,) pass gas, then stare at me as if i can do something about it.

So i kick them.

Not really, I’m a nice person.

I’ve got to stop that, being nice that is, costs me lots in distributed cookies, software licenses etc.

Anyhow, I suppose that’ll do. Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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