Starting ICT analysis…

Good Evening.

Right, it’s Sunday evening, 19:34, and I’m just starting my ICT analysis for Meakin. I’m just kidding, I’m tweaking it, and finishing off the description of the proposed system.

Great fun!

I cleaned my PSP screen today, so when it’s turned off, their lots of streaks across the screen, but no dust, and lines aren’t visible when it’s running. Acceptable. Should probably buy a new one, it’s a ‘something-something-something-01’. Bensaki says that pretty much makes it ‘first edition. I imagine that’s not as desirable with PSPs as it is with books.

A trio of sleeping felines on my chair, Norbert Hide and Lucky.

Gave Emski 15 minutes, so I’ll assume she wasn’t going to attempt to run a bath, so I’m off to do that then. Hope (certain ones) you had a nice weekend, hope some others were horribly maimed. Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(Musical accompaniment to the writing of this came from the menu of Dungeons and Dragons Tactics, by Atari, based upon the game Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Revised Edition, by Wizards of the Coast. Enjoy.)



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