Social, philosophy and other things

Good Evening my reader.

Not a plural.

In social centre, pr rather the study area of the post 16 centre.

Philosophy was amusing, Dutchmans come to the conlusion we do’t want to do it, true for the rest of them, just because none of us said anything… I want to, admittedly I joined the silence, but that’s more that I don’t want to be the first to speak. So, the topic of discussion next week is if we continue to run it…

I feel like I’m bout to vomit, that can’t be good…

Lessons today, S & P, christms quiz, i didn’t participate, but also didnt know what non-participants were supposd to due, to my knowledge we weren’t told, so i hid in the library. Now i have Philosophy, which has effectively become another free. Next is Biology with Williams, (Not Ashly Williams, this isn’t Mass Effect,) then chemistry with each of my teachers, the chemistry ones of course. Then last i have a free, and last, er (last-er), and most certainly not least fatal, a driving lesson. yay? That’ll be fun… overall not the best day I could have.

I want to play Mass Effect now, I’m part way through Thanes Loyalty Mission, just done Garrus Vakarians, Still need to do Talis and Legions… I’ll take them on each others, that culd be fun, did that last time when I was an engineer, 3 combat drones, entertaining, but not effective.

I might play an engineer again next time… still want 2500 microsoft points for the DLC… And because KE VII network is stupid, very politely put, i had to log onto the xbox website, as most others i tried that must list pricing were blocked as web chat. thrilling… so, Break in 5 minutes, I’m going to the library now.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta, Love Willski. (all that on one line, weird…0



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