Breakfast, suicide, and other things…

Good evening.

I’m not going on mass effect 2 today, ICT work instead.

Breakfast, that was weird. I had Shredded Wheat, which expired on 31/03/2009. That good?

Probably the most boring 2 hours of my life this morning, well, not most boring, but boring enough to make me contemplate suicide… in dramatic, and or entertaining ways. For example, walking onto the stage and performing seppuku. Or Spontaneous Human Combustion. According to people, Emma, Leeski, perhaps other people, i looked very angry and homicidal when i went to get AS Certificates.

Great fun! On other relevant notes, Ian actually showed up to this one, and generally a surprisingly high turn out, although personally i think it was a complete waste of time. what benefit do i get from it, they could just hand out the certificates in S + P, and let us keep our lessons. Emma describe it as saying, ‘look at these people, they’re better then you!’

Had some Plebes shouting ‘Willski’ at me in social today. I don’t know you, so please, stop talking to me, and die an entertaining, slow, painful death, Leukemia perhaps. Or língchí, or sawing… Perhaps a Breaking WheelFlaying is always fun. off topic.

Well, that’s everything, or at least some of it.

thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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