Good Evening.

As you will know, i went to see Jeff Waynes Musical Version of the War of the Worlds, Alive on stage 2010… Which is just awesome, I’ll admit, the singing doesn’t match the original, and some of the music’s a bit weird… but highly enjoyable. Watch it, if you haven’t already, or I’ll make some empty threats for no apparent reason.

What else? Emskis’ tweet was shown to however many people were there, well done Emski.

More entertaining then the actual event, perhaps was Mother. On the way there, she was arguing with a sat nav. When we got there, she lost the car keys, and spent a lot of time searching for them. When Lukeski got back to the car, he found them in the ignition. Then on the way back, I’m quite sure mother was doing 110mph, slightly about the 70 for motorways… and experimenting to see what all the switches in the car do, so entertaining, and somewhat terrifying… Well, not quite more entertaining, maybe one tenth as entertaining…

The steak was alright, had to much fat for my liking, or the steak knives…

So, what to do now, Watch Tobys’ Daily Vlog for today, (rather then yesterday.)

if you want to see it.

you don’t do you…

Well, i think that’s it, i’ve completely forgotten everything that happened before about 17:00… (not ever, just today.)

So, thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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