Trees, and the common cold.

Good Evening.

Really important things first. Craigski, you’ve re-earned your ‘ski’. Due to a culmination of several factors, First, your intent to activate Mass Effect, (even if it was impeded by the second factor.) Second, your ‘clockwork vomiting’, or rather, my somewhat amusing thought chain following you saying you vomited every 2 hours. Thirdly, witnessing you in some apparent pain, or discomfort. Specifically after you hugged Ian, when he dropped/threw you on the floor, although now I think about it that covered two… Seeing you in pain, which is amusing, and the circumstances surrounding it were somewhat amusing as well. Of course, if that wasn’t painful, I’ll have to revoke your ‘Ski’…

Next subject. I have the ‘Common Cold’. This is very annoying, because all it’s done to me for years is slightly increased mucous production, incredibly inconvenient. (Real Grammar isn’t nice, that was ‘Which is very annoying…’) If I’m going to get some kind of disease, can’t it be something substantial, the Flu, or bronchitis, or leprosy. Perhaps heamoraphic fever… grr… I hate pointless things, pointless diseases, the Flu, pointless food, vegetables, fruit, ‘Galaxy bars’, pointless people, David Cameron, Craig Reardon, pointless words, I won’t even try to list those.

Trees! There is a tree in the garden, a new one. Intended as a Christmas decoration no doubt. Well, that’s all I have on that one.

Cookies, 7 packs now, I can be slightly less stringent in their distribution and rationing… only slightly, I should just make sure I have at least 10-15 packs free at the start of the week… money from mother processed yet? I don’t know, because Nationwide are idiots, and their website doesn’t bloody work! They shall burn for this! No, no they won’t, I’m I nice person, really J.

Right, to watch Obsesses vlogs, and a few other videos I’ve been thinking about. Then do biology homework, and by ‘do biology homework’ I quite obviously mean ‘play Mass Effect’. 1 or 2?

Thanks for reading this, my Fiendishly Fiendish Fiends. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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