Today! (sunday!)


According to The Scaffold, Sunday is church. Not an expectation I regularly, or ever, conform to.

So, today, mass effect again, got from pre-Novaria/Feros to Ilos, doing about 2 dozen assignments of the way, got 125 gamerscore, and experimented with destroying  the Mako.

Cutest game characters i know all come from the Mass Effect Franchise…

The following pictures no NOT fit on the page, with the current theme. Can i remedy that? Yes. Will I? no.

Obviously, Legion. (And other Geth.)

Whoa, big picture…

Garrus Vakarian, (or most Turians, they remind me of cats. With scales!)

Soo cute 🙂

hmm… how long will it take for someone to point out that my top two cutest game characters are both generally considered male… (The former not having any particular gender.)

and on that note, I’ll omit the the third… 😛

(Drell are quite cute, and can cause hallucinations if you lick them!)

Well, that’s got another day posted this month, lets see if i can do better then November.

3 days until I go to see Jeff Waynes Musical Version of the War of the Worlds, Alive on stage… (Is this tour called alive on stage? or is it just a tour? I can’t remember…) That or parents are really evil, and/or/and didn’t forged some tickets…

Well, Thanks for reading, my hit count is climbing as fast as my mother can click refresh, Ta-ta.

(Not really, it’d only count her once…)

Love Willski, not an imperative.

One final note, Craig, Activate Mass Effect, or be capable of playing it legally on Xbox 360, and you shall re-earn your Ski, alternatively, do something amusing, throw Ian of a roof or something… Preferably not something that could be considered Ian-Cruelty, stab Steven!



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