Cookie rescue, more snow, and annoyed biology teachers.

Good Evening.

I’ve rescued my cookies from the matriarchal fiend. Still need more though… only 5 packs, I think…

Snow, we had a few hours of light snow, so the country is grinding to a halt. 2 inches of snow? Due to that, we got sent home, from KE VII, at 13:00, 40 minutes into a lesson with Williams. She didn’t appreciate that, part way through a practical, and removing our lesson for Evaluative practice-ey-ness. So she reorganised Wilsons lessons so she could finish it…

I’ve spent a few hours on EVE again, that’s fun. Still mining, still tedious… but blueprints are annoying me…

Should I pay for that? $15 a month, £9.99 to buy the game, and get a month free… which is cheaper? Considering you can buy a year for effectively a little over $10 a month, probably subscription… but I do need $131 to do that… hmm…

Anyhow, while I ponder that, I’ll have a look at some university courses. Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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