Cookie hostages, Nameskis, SNOW!

Good Eveningski

It was snowing again. Yay! We got sent home from KEVII at about 14:00 today; I got home at about 14:55, (walking from 14:15 till 14:45, car after that.) I had a free last, so I pretty much just lost 20 minutes of chemistry, and had to walk for a while rather than sitting in a moderately comfortable chair for an hour…

Confused and annoyed Craig today, I questioned his fondness of Ianski, then moved away from his, and explained it by saying ‘Don’t mind me, I’m just homophobic.’ Once that processed in his tiny little mind he didn’t seem overly pleased.

Ianski doesn’t really work, does it…? Who does it work with? List time!

Craig lost his ski.

Willski yup.

More organisedski:


  • Mumski/Melski/Melanieski
  • Emski/Emilski
  • Benski
  • Tobyski
  • Wendyski
  • Daveski
  • Tomski
  • Dadski/Nickski
  • Leeski
  • Lukeski
  • Will Mk1 ski
  • Titchski and perhaps Daveski, if he likes being called Dave, if Davidski then no.

Sort ofskis:

  • Krisski/Kriski
  • Beckyski/Beckski
  • Garyski
  • Joshski
  • (Other) Joshski
  • Kierski
  • Jeffski
  • Domski

Not so muchskis:

  • Charlieski
  • Nicholasski
  • Jamesski/Jameski
  • Callumski
  • Connorski
  • Meakinski
  • Peterski
  • Abbieski
  • Liamski

Not in the slightestskis:

  • Nathanski
  • Emmaski
  • Freyaski
  • Stevenski
  • Tylerski

My cookies are being held hostage, by a matriarchal fiend! We shall burn her at the stake. On Thursday. That reminds me, Thursday Next, I’m still reading First among sequels, the 4th sequel, the next one’s not released until January so I’ll have to find something else to read till then, Halo: Fall of Reach, that’ll take about a 8 hours… I’ll have to buy more, but I can’t do that until after Christmas… :/

Okay, Books, Names, Gays/Craigs, he won’t like that, walking, WEATHER!

Snow is great, I love snow, I don’t like ‘grit’, it ruins it, you just get brown slushy stuff, that’s horrible to walk on… grr… I won’t rant about weather, I may be British, but I don’t conform to stereotypes.

That’s everything, seeing as nothing particularly interesting happened on Reach, or Mass Effect.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Cookie hostages, Nameskis, SNOW!”

  1. The matriachal fiend would like to know why she is only eleventh in your ski list. Also cookies have not been confiscated – they are awaiting a litter free habitat in which to meet their gruesome demise xx


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