Crazy dogs, and inability to work…

Good Evening!

Molly’s going insane… she was sort of crawling on to people while we were eating… well, after… got fed Broccoli, strange dogs…

Emski makes very nice cakes…

i noticed something very strange, that I’ve noticed before. I seem incapable of any self motivation, or, what’s the word? something… when it comes to making myself work. I woke up at about 11:00 today. At that point, i decided I’d finish analysis for ICT project, then finish Biology stuff for Wilson. At about 14:00 I opened the necessary documents to start ICT work, what was i doing for those 3 hours? no idea… After that i watched The War of the Worlds. The crap one, with Tom Cruise. then i wrote about 3 lines for my ICT work, went on Prometheus Demo for about 35 minutes… (kind of like Portal, only really, really shit. But a very nice concept :P) and now I’m writing this… yeah, i really should get back to my coursework…

Yesterday, i planned on doing work, spent the day on Assassins Creed II… I’m really bad at this…

Anyhow, stop distracting yourself with blogs willski.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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