Apologies, UCAS, Internet failure…


Good evening my feline friends.

On to First Among Sequels now :).

As you may have noticed this month has been completely ruined. You may as well just kill yourselves right now. I didn’t post a blog yesterday. nope? no one care? okay. That was due to the internet failures mentioned in the title… not sure why it’s not working… the router is connected to the internet, but nothing connected to it is… not overly good… can’t even go on live… so, if that still doesn’t work tonight, there’s a moderate chance I wont be posting over the weekend either.

I usually accompany my posts, with very little content, with a video… (This one definitely fitting that category, word press says it has 6 words right now…) Unfortunately I can’t do that either, as they’re blocking videos for some reason… unhelpful swine… justifiable though. For some reason I really wanted to say ‘Insbstantial swine’ which maks no sense, because I mistyped it, somewhat significantly… I’ll try again, ‘Insubstantial Swine’. Much better.

Currently in the first of my usual Double Frees on Fridays… rather happy it’s the first, because I’d have a Steven with me if it was the second, and he’s somewhat disturbing to look at right now… For Children in Need he dressed up as Dr. Frank n Furter…

Ignore the purple writing, or don’t. Your choice.

Anyhow, that’s even more disturbing with him wearing it… I’ll post a picture of it for you, if i get one.

What else? UCAS! You don’t care about that…

Soo… I think that’s everything. Have a nice Day, Life, Death and anything else you’re planning on.

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski



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