Driving lesson No. 5, Fighting Kittens…

Good Evening.

8 1/2 packs of cookies now… yay!

I annoyed Meakin today, after spend ages making queries, which took me so long because I’m slow, when it comes to working, I proceeded to leave my memory stick at home…

Driving lesson number 5… Bens driving has a similar level of finesse to it, as a battle axe, or perhaps nuclear warhead… now, I’m not (comparatively) sniper, or fencer, but I also don’t throw the passengers into the doors when straightening up… (From drifting towards hedges.) Although, with that in mind, I do have other flaws… I spend a lot of the time half way to the wrong lane… and first 3 times I tried to start moving this time, I stalled… not good… but aside from that it was somewhat uneventful… shame…

Fighting Kittens. Have you ever tried fighting a small kitten? It’s more like, I tickle you, and you maul my hand… great fun! Fortunately, their claws and teeth don’t really do much…

Anyhow, biology work!

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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