ICT work, assassins creed…

Good evening.

It’s damn warm in here!

What happened today? I made about 2 dozen queries for my ICT project… Great fun! That was, of course, sarcasm. I watched Merlin. As predictable and clichéd as ever, and I played Assassins Creed II.

Now, Don’t get me wrong, Assassins Creed II is an awesome game, but it has one or two minor little problems, that make its’ value on a par with faecal matter. The most predominant of which is the Parkour system, which…

I’ll post this now, then edit it so i get every day this month.

Where was i, aah yes, the parkour system. It doesn’t bloody work. I’d understand and accept a few minor bugs, but when it blatantly throws you off about 200 degrees from where i told it to go, (in this instance, in a timed event-ey assassin-ey tomb thing,) i begin to suspect they didn’t do that much to work out the bugs. Another example, when they teach you to do advanced wall jumps, run up wall, point stick in direction, and press A, i don’t expect it to throw me off in the wrong direction, or completely ignore the analogue stick altogether.

I also disapprove of the targeting, if there are 4 guards, and one civilian, when i press X, i expect him to assassinate 2 of the guards, (or at least one) not the civilian i can see, then one about 3 yards away, off the edge of the screen, why would i even want to do that?

And my final point for bitching about right now, the Pickpockets, and b-something couriers. Pickpockets first, if I’m in a gondola, in the middle of a canal, how does he take about 1000 money, from the shore, (wrong word,) behind a somewhat substantial building? And why does this happen every 30 seconds? (Exaggeration.) And seeing as it’s such a common occurrence, why do you not get every person there constantly screaming about missing their money like they do when Ezio takes it? Or do they just target the one person who kills them every single time?

If they actually paid any attention to their customers, i would end a polite email to Ubisoft requesting they release a patch so the game works, but they don’t, so I’ll just settle for a strange blog post.

Grr… As those of you who know me will know, I’m not an easy person to annoy, but when something just doesn’t work, i seem to have one of two response, one, get very amused, or two, get annoyed, then rant for 400 odd words about it in a blog almost no one reads.

Anyhow, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(I’m the only person I know who uses 3 closing statements.)



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