Tuesday, in social, with inedible people.

Good evening.

As previously mentioned, I’m in social… since writing that title I’ve had a short conversation with Craig over the Edibleness of people. While I agree with him that humans are edible, I would question which parts I’d want to eat… and he’s under the delusion that we’re poisonous… only a few parts… lots of liver, for example.

Which of the people here would be best to eat? Probably Craig… Lee has far too much fat to be edible, or at least desirable as a food, while he would require additional musculature to carry that weight it wouldn’t really be enough to encourage a sane person see past the fat… Becky seems too thin to be worth killing for sustenance… I’m completely worthless in that respect. Gary, perhaps… depending whether his mass is predominantly muscle or fat… Craig; however seems to have moderately high muscle-ness, judging from his ‘lunchtime antics’ which were so common in summer… and negligible fat… he’s also too stupid to be worth keeping around

(At home now… amusing car journey…)

Who else? How abou People who weren’t there… family first, Mother, too old really, don’t hit me for saying that. Same applies to father. Benski, same as me, but with a bit more fat, Emski, again, too much fat, compared to the muscle.  Don’t be offended Emski, and remember, I’m saying I won’t eat you.

Hmm, others; Luke, age still not a concern, and while he is getting a ‘podge’, it is mostly localised to his stomach, so is easily avoidable. A viable meal, and he’s a moderately large person, so would last a while. But Emski says I can’t eat him, and she’d stab me if I did.

Steven, again, quite a large person, but he’s also been acquiring more fat of late, he’s probably still viable. Although he’d make on hell of a racket when you tried to cook him… Ian, As with Craig, he’s lacking in fat, and seems to contain a decent amount of flesh/musculature, but he’s also quite small, which means, he wouldn’t last as long as other people, but is that really a bad thing? It does mean you don’t have to eat stored meat. Who else… Tyler. Like me, he’s far too thin, so not overly good, and I don’t know where he’s been…  James, Flamson, of course. He’s slightly taller than me, and slightly bulkier, but then that’s mostly fat. I’d assume some muscle, as they seem to do a lot of exercise at that army cadets thing… taking that into account, I’d say probably a viable foodstuff. Kris, he suffers from the same fat related downfalls as Leeski, I’ve not known him as long, and hate him a lot more, so I see no reason to keep him alive, but I wouldn’t eat him either… far too much fat, no offence.

I keep typing ‘to’, not ‘too’… damned annoying.

I suppose, all the ‘too thin’ people do have sufficient musculature to maintain posture, and move, so would probably be good for a meal but I don’t think there’d be enough good quality meat, to be worth storing any for a second meal, definitely not a third.

I acknowledge that all this time I’ve been talking about muscle content, when that isn’t the only edible part. But, as you may have noticed, I’m sane, and as a result don’t eat strange things like liver.

What else have I got too talk about?

Nothing, okay, so it’s not all cannibalism, what do the following have in common?

Invincible-class aircraft carriers (2)

* HMS Ark Royal (R07) – Flagship of the active fleet (to be decomissioned)

* HMS Illustrious– (R06) set to be converted into a permament helicopter carrier as part of the SDSR

Type 45 destroyers (2)

* HMS Daring (D32)

* HMS Dauntless (D33)

Type 42 destroyers (5)

* HMS Liverpool (D92)

* HMS Manchester (D95)

* HMS Gloucester (D96)

* HMS Edinburgh (D97)

* HMS York (D98)

Type 23 frigates (13)

* HMS Argyll (F231)

* HMS Lancaster (F229)

* HMS Iron Duke (F234)

* HMS Monmouth (F235)

* HMS Montrose (F236)

Duke class Type 23 frigate

* HMS Westminster (F237)

* HMS Northumberland (F238)

* HMS Richmond (F239)

* HMS Somerset (F82)

* HMS Sutherland (F81)

* HMS Kent (F78)

* HMS Portland (F79)

* HMS St Albans (F83)

Type 22 frigates (4)

* HMS Cornwall (F99)

* HMS Cumberland (F85)

* HMS Campbeltown (F86)

* HMS Chatham (F87)

Talk to me, or reply if you know, there’s no reward, or any kind of reason to do so.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully not lynching me for being a cannibal. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Tuesday, in social, with inedible people.”

  1. Emski Says:

    thankyou for saying you won’t eat me! and lol for quoting the stabbing bit lol! x

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