Stuff happed, some people died, but none of us are talking about that now.

The X-files failed… shortbread reminds me of guild seals… hehe, seals…

Period 5 today, I dissected a kidney, don’t do that. It’s boring, and the odour is somewhat foul. It smells offal :P.

Punnery! (Pun, not pwned, that reminds me of mafia wars, click here, or there to see why.)

Hmm, I have two drinks right now, Apple and black current stuff, and coke; I keep drinking the wrong one, very confusing…

I haven’t fed my fish for weeks, oops! Don’t worry, they seem impervious to starvation.

Right, Mother and Fathers birthdays are fast approaching, I bought mother… something. And Father nothing, mother has helpfully provided something to give him, no idea what the circumstances surrounded the acquisition of that are, so I’ll continue searching for something more original.

Speaking of events in the future, 30 days until The War of the Worlds, well, the one that I’m seeing, Nottingham arena is it? I’ve started seeing adverts for it, on TV… Still looks awesome.

11 days till Assassins Creed Brotherhood, although thanks to my agreement with mother when convincing her to purchase it, I don’t see it until Christmas. Unless she forgets, forget this paragraph mother.

V tonight, so many things to look forward to… were I prone to that… instead, I’ll just acknowledge they’ll probably happen…

Right, back to Gal Civ 2… actually, no. ICT work.

Thanks for reading Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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