Not much interesting happened today, lots of very weird conversations on the internet,I  will not go into detail, due to the tone of them , trying to work on ICT stuff, which is probably somewhat futile. Much like resistance, sorry, Stat Trek references. It seems Meakin has once again decided my project isn’t valid, again. He keeps changing his mind on that, so I’m probably going to have to do some generic stock control or something… yay, how useless. At least I’ll be using my current one, it’s replacement? Not so much. Grr… Although, he’s a very decisive person, isn’t he? It was something like: The project is fine, go ahead; it’s too simple, make it an A-Level project it, or do something else; I don’t understand it, explain it properly, or do something else; I understand it fine, go ahead; show me how it works, or do something else (which I would have done if he’s stayed).

Soo, it seems I’ll probably have to finish it, then show him it, he might accept it then… grr… annoying.

Adverts for Brain Training, DS stuff, there is no proof whatsoever they help in any way, according to the BBC.

Need more cookies; down to 5 packs… and that does odd… don’t a lot of people ‘comfort eat’ when depressed or angry/annoyed? I seem to do the opposite… when annoyed, usually I’d be eating cookies, or bourbons right now, but they don’t seem overly appealing…

Anyhow, enough ranting, or whatever that was, I’m currently listening to Queen, The Prophets song right now. Good song, I would post it here, but I’m very lazy, and that would require effort.

Right, off to try to build some moderately complex queries, in a version of Access I don’t understand…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(Onto Innuendo now, (the song, not the act.))



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