Be careful his bowtie is really a camera.

Good Evening.

Spies! Everywhere! Open fire!

In case you were wondering, that line’s from Simon & Garfunkel, America.

People in this house are idiots, Myself. I know my reason for saying that in this instance is partially my fault… But mostly theirs. Food again:). But yes, Emski made Meatloaf a while ago, I hated it. She’s now making it again, and I’m probably going to be forced to eat it. Why don’t they understand, if I find food repulsive, I won’t eat it?

Speaking of food, I missed lunch today, Williams’ fault. Not good. Then she proceeded to criticize me for being slow, and generally unresponsive last lesson. I’m currently attempting to compensate for energy loss by eating cookies.

Anyhow… less complaininess…

I can currently smell smoke, an awful lot of it… That probably means father got round lighting the fire. I like fire, fire is good, and full of nutritional goodness! No, it’s not. But it could be!

Why don’t humans have chloroplast? It could be beneficial. Although we’d need a lot more water… or perhaps if we were chemoautotrophs, or whatever the other word for that is… could be fun to be nitrogen fixing, or sulphur fixing…

I’m currently listening to Simon & Garfunkel, while attempting to work on my ICT project work… Boring! (The work that is, the music’s awesome.)

Soo, I’ve used £2.00 credit by not locking my phone, and browsing the internet.

Five weeks today until I see Jeff Waynes Musical Version of the War of the Worlds, which should be awesome:).

Mass Effect arrived today, might buy myself a copy of that…remind me not to forget that. Craig will be indifferent – happy.

So did my copy of Lost in a Good book, which arrive prior to my knowing mother had a copy, when ordered she was absent, and all evidence at the time indicated that she didn’t know of its existence. On that note, any recommendations for Christmas presents for people? They don’t appreciate fudge…

I don’t think there was anything else, if there was, please tell me.

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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