It’s Tuesday! Good day for Killing Emos, and Throwing Kittens out Windows.

Good evening.

I’ve been playing Fable III (I’ve also been doing biology work, but that would probably bore you). It’s a very good game. Started a new hero, trying to be completely good, until I’m ruler, except where it’s advantageous… I used create your own villager, not overly exciting… I’d agree with Luke, it’s not worth the extra money getting it from But it’s extra content I can have, so, yay!

I need some Black clothing dye… By ‘Black’ trousers I usually wear are somewhat grey… not good… On that note, more variety in my clothing would be good… I only have two pairs of decent black trousers now… (Well, one black, and a grey one…) Wouldn’t want those slim, or skinny, or whatever they call them ones… Uncomfortable, pointless, and they usually charge more for less fabric. Also, I am not ‘Emo’.

Speaking of Emos, I’m talking to one on Sodahead.

emo kid? Why sit there, when you can slit there à:

right were you measure the pulse. And do it down your arm, not across.

Anyhow, you’re probably not overly interested in my attire… or attempt to incite suicide.

I’ve recently Installed Microsoft Office 2010 on this computer. I’m licenced to install it on two computers, both used exclusively by me, the licence holder. Okay, that rules out every computer in the house, even this one, my computer, is used by other people. Mainly Mother… So that’s something like £425 worth of software, (admittedly I only paid £38.95, thank you Software4Students.) that is completely useless. Fortunately, from my perspective, I’m daring enough to violate that… yeah, that’s just common sense… That sounded so much better when I said it out loud, I can’t easily convey tone in text… Grr… mildly frustrating.

What’s worth watching on TV tonight? I sort of stopped halfway through a rant there, didn’t I… sorry about that. I was thinking to fast to type it, and I can’t think what it was I thunk… that’s not a word… awesome.

What else was I going to say? Too much work Thornton! With the amount of time my ICT work demands, compared to how much I spend working, it doesn’t work! You can’t set me more homework than any other subject sets me for a week, every lesson.

Why are there a pair of insane felines I don’t know battling one another on my floor? The little cowards are terrified of me! Although that explains where that smell came from… Really Emski and Luke shouldn’t have shut them off from the rest of us and the house… perhaps then they wouldn’t be so terrified, of course, we would have to dispose of Wayne, otherwise he’d kill them. They’re so cute though, walk in, squawk, and get looked at, run away!


But if they make any kind of mess in here, I will throw them out my window.  Not sure what they’re doing… foraging? They seem awfully fond of that space under my chair… (wicker one by the window, not desk chair.)

Anyhow, that be everything, pretty much is, ranges from Fable III, to insane, trespassing kittens.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Okay, probably due to my only moving elbow to forearm when typing, they seem to have forgotten I’m here, little paws on my, comparatively not so little, feet…


(not really, they’ve been clean. So far…)



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