In Social once again. Doing work!


As you may have guessed, or read for that matter, I am currently in the Sixth form/Social Center… But unlike usual, ‘m actually doing some work! Well, not anymore, I’m writing a blog, this probably wasn’t the best choice of time to do that 😛

My hat fell off! poor hat… Was it hurt? Liam put that on me.. I think Steven made it…

Anyhow, yess, (too many ‘s’ as usual) ICT work. Now i can actually work on it at home, I’ve started my skeletal system for it, as KE VII… that I’ve had since Monday. yeah, why didn’t I do that earlier…

Right, i’ll finis this late, off to get food 😛 thanks for reading, check back soon for updates of darkness… or perhaps a tree.

Tata, for now. Love Willski.

Right, back now.

Back to ICT work, anyhow, what else happened? while i was gone, i had lunch, pastry on the pork pie was a bit weird though…

Have you ever tried writing an Access database to write army lists… with capacity o later add army list auto-generation  functions?

Craig currently has my phone, the K550i, not the m8800, and is playing with the facewarp feature to the amusement of Leeski.  Also correcting me again… Took panoramic photos, with him appearing 3 and a bit times… damn thing tried to fade him out… seems somewhat impolite in my opinion… but that’s distracting from work again…

well don’t know what to say apart from spoon just spoon…don’t know why…first thing that came into my bewildered mind…

hmm, a comment, courtesy of Craig.

Hehe, i still haven’t posted this, i’m at home now… so, that’s about 2 hours, 50 minutes since i started. right, i’ll try to finish before it’s 3 hours.

Craig, so impolitely, figured out my password on KE VIIs network, and changed it. don’t know what do, mildly frustrating, so i’m going to go change several dozen of them. which ones… list time! (some of these might have different passwords fortunately.)

  • Googlemail account
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Hotmail (1) (possibly)
  • Hotmail (2)
  • Hotmail (3)
  • Live (1)
  • Live (2)
  • Live (3)
  • Live (4)
  • Yahoo mail
  • Amazon
  • Sodahead.
  • Dominoes (pizza)
  • Evony
  • Bolter & Chainsword.
  • Spotify
  • Xfire
  • Steam

That’s all i can think of with that password.

right. I’m still lacking in interesting content, it’s a shame i can’t type fast enough to get one of my random rants that occur quite regularly in my mind down here…

Driving lesson was canceled yesterday. why? i don’t know.

too lazy to type anything else, 2 hours, 57 minutes, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(3 hours, 1 minute after categories and tree 😦  )



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