In Social again…

Good Evening.

I am, once again, in social. Just spoke to Eveson, which I was meant to do yesterday, but I coudn’t find him. I’m expected more of a conversaton then that… meh, it’ll have to suffice. Supposed to print off everal copies of personal stateent for various people to look over… I’ll either do that next lesson, when there aren’t any idiots to be amused by here, or at break. (either from the library…)

Due to common criticis, i’m really going to have to find something interesting to post here…

I’ll let James write something then.

‘lo, I’ll let Liam write something. 

Hello Wembly!!!!!!!!! ha bare jokes a bit like starcraft 2, but peter knows nothing of this heresy so owned on his part. James seems bemused with his ict essays where i should be writing one of three essay for the hitler of geography but she may sticketh upeth her ass. 🙂 and back to willski.


Evenin’ again.

That interesting? or just offensive? Didn’t work first time, becuse james being the idiot he is decided to publish it before allowing me to finish, and deleted a comment which was every-so-slightly offensive. Strange…

I have another driving lesson today, so, yeah, is you see a Black Citreon C3 being driven by a confused-looking 17 year old, wearing Black leather goves, and sunglasses… (Not leather sunglasses, that would be weird, and a bit blinding…) Then try to hide or somethng. Im not overly good at staying on the right side of the road. (or perhaps i should say, i’m ver good at staying on the right side of the road, but not the left… Not good…

Fable III should arrive saturday, or friday, got dispatched late… not my fault… mothers, canceling her credit cards when I’m trying to use them… grr…


I think that’s everything… Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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