Old names… Fable III, lunch…


Fable III has been dispatched. huzza! is that 2 days after Bens? grr…

Lunch today was closer to what I’d expect, on the field, playing catch. Why does that sound so childish to me? anyhow, playing catch with Benski and Ian. Ian’s a strange person, he doesn’t understand a lot of things… Haiku… such as (or rather, specifically):

haikus are easy
but sometimes they don’t make sense

He doesn’t understand smileys… if you say ‘=P’ he tries to find out what ‘x’ is…

anyhow, what else? aah, yes. I’ve given up on picking a song for every day, even when I’m not concerned about picking appropriate songs… to time consuming, an I’m lazy…

Emski cooked us Cottage pie, Which was very nice, but why did it have orange bits in? Food shouldn’t be orange, except smarties, and skittles, it’s not right. Why do you think i wont eat oranges? Nice Cake too.

I think that’s everything noteworthy… these things are very boring… why do you read it? you have no life! and neither do I… If we both both get one, each, then that’s an easy resolution!

thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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