In social, with some insane bovine.


Currently in social, attempting to do some ICT work, with a completely unreasonable time constraints… (assuming we work for 12 hours a day, 288 time it took him, or something weird like that..)

When I started writing this, there as a Becky to my left criticising me for never mentioning her in one of these. Well done, no you have. not really much of an accomplishment, no one reads it…

There’s a conversation behind me, which is making very little sense, maybe if i paid more attention to my eavesdropping… there’s also  somewhat strong crisp-flavour-i-don’t-immediely-recognise-ish odor… i wonder why… talk of skittles?

Right, back to work? I’ll try… great when he assigned us that, Corey, you need a basic stock control, Evan, booking, will, no idea, surprise me…  That’s somewhat vague…

There’s a Leeski, who’s work I’m interrupting, because he’s decided to read this, as I’m typing it… can he no just go on my blog in his own free time, boost my hit count, please.  (hopeful smile.)

The Holstein returned, and made some very strange noises…

I think that’s everything, right, back to work, or getting distracted, and talking to Tyler for 35 minutes…

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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