Currently listening to music, on spotify… Good music, Simon & Garfunkel, but damned annoying software, every three tracks I get an advert, just because I don’t pay, demanding swine… better then last FM… get to choose the music… back to spotify… they let you play your own music through, but continue to add adverts…  kill them… no, don’t. that would be mean.

Youtube! I need to post the rest of my videos some time… other youtube-ish notes, err… Tobuscus/Toby Turner watch his videos, they’re generally quite awesome… that reminds me, I still need to get charged extortionate amounts to acquire clothing with his ‘name’ on… I shall do that, when I have money…

Archie’s been a-defecating… not overly pleasant… I think I’ll stay away… I’m currently eating cookies, at an alarming rate,  7 1/2 packs left, excluding the half I’m eating… yet still 56kg… last time I checked, (about two weeks ago…) lets see if that’s changed… probably has, I haven’t done anything except sit down, and eat things, since Friday, that’s not overly healthy… don’t follow that example of mine… Speaking of Friday, it’s Friday tomorrow! I have a driving lesson at 14:00… still need to start ICT work… which was my plan for today, didn’t really stick to that did I… just Mass Effect… No Mount & Blade, sorry Craig.

well, i think that’s everything… Thanks for reading… Ta-ta. Love Willski…



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