It’s Wednesday!!!

Good Evening.

Happy Wednesday!

Hehe, okay, what have I done today? Still haven’t started ICT work, sorry Meakin. got distracted by Mount & Blade, Which is completely Craigs fault. Soo, just so you know, if i haven’t done it, you can blame him 😀 no, not really, don’t blame him, for anything… Well, feel free too… I really don’t care… I’m just trying to think of things to write to make this post somewhat substantial… Hehe, okay, i won’t bore you with details of my gaming, because I’m nice like that…  and nothing particularly interesting happened, which isn’t surprising, very boring game… I much prefer Oblivion, that reminds me, I was going to play through that again, thank you, i shall do that. not now though, later, when I’m not typing so much… Talking about Oblivion, should I buy Fallout New Vegas? I never got round to buying Fallout 3… which i may do… when i have money, I’m somewhat lacking that… anyone care to donate? please…

Right, anything else? Ate some cake, made by an Emski, thank you. ‘Helped’ (by asking her too, and passing her butter) Emski make Jumbles… Which are nice… Had a steak slice, which was weird… I like food… ooh! Had Skittles! but yes, considering how much ‘junk food’ I eat, why am I not fat? not that I want to be, I’m sane.

Watching Criminal Minds, which is awesome, if you don’t watch it, you should.

Right, i think that’s it… It might not be… But I’m getting lazy now…  and I forgot to post at ’20:10  20.10.2010′. which is annoying. Didn’t even get facebook status… what a shame…

Now I want to add something that’s actually interesting, to give you non-existent people a reason to return… But i wont. gaah, need to change order of categories…

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski. (not an imperative…)



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