Today, not yesterday… damn it!

Good Evening.

I may have just missed a fay in terms of blog-postage, because when i tried to post earlier, Firefox wasn’t responding, so i wen ton Mass Effect…

On another Mass Effect-ish note, I have now completed it! HUZZA!!! in (i think,) about 18hours and 30 minutes game play. (Elongated) yeah i think I’ll find a save from before then, and complete more of the side stuff…  Very good game. I’ve now started Mass Effect 2, which, personally, I think is worse in almost every way then its predecessor… Graphically it’s far superior, but it all feels, not wrong, but not right either, it’s different… Too different… And I’m very much disliking the addition of not-quite-ammo… But upgrades are an interesting addition, and it has an easier, less time consuming planetary survey method… Decryption is by far inferior, and why the lack of Omni-Gel?

Hmm, that did have a minor impact on my intended Mount & Blade progress… sorry Craig.

I think that’s all… I’m going to go read now, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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