In Social… Getting bored…

Good Evening.

I’ currently in social, getting bored. There’s nothing particularly interesting to do down here right now…to tired too word on personal statement, paper modelling seems equally unappealing right now… So I’ve been talking to Tyler, and Leeski about TV series… V, The Event, Smallville… Was i posting this when i was more then slightly obsessed with Smallville? Watched all 9 seasons in just over a week… slightly sad… very entertaining…

What else? I have a driving lesson again today… With Benski, so… I’ll have to try not to kill anyone, I somewhat doubt driving instructors approve of that… (spell correctly please otherwise i don’t know, i will think on my feet…probably slap you with a glove…thanks for reading this statement willski)

Hmm… Will that work? Anyhow… Plans for next week? Until Tuesday, Mass Effect, (and perhaps mount and blade,) the probably Supreme Commander, or Halo of some variety… Hmm…

Soo… now it appears Craig has stopped beating me for not conforming to his terrible grammar, punctuation, spelling and some other things I think I’ll post this…

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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