STEAK!!! Mass Effect :D ICT project…

Good Evening.

After this mornings failures, i got my ICT project approved, by what i thought was over simplification… no offense Meakin. Provisionally, off course, i must provide a full paper based model after half term…

MSN’s being really weird… so apologies for being unresponsive Tom…

Steak, tis awesome, had some steak today, STEAK!!! i love steak… Twas very nice steak, oh, i’ve turned into an idiot… now, off to play mass effect, if i have chemistry homework, please tel me… is Williams’ biology stuff, chemiosis report, due in tomorrow? perhaps… I’ll do it later, 22:00 mabye…

Overall a very good day 🙂

V tonight!!! hopefully it’ll be good…

snyhow, thanks for reading.


Love Willski.



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