Good evening my mostly non-existant readers.

And how are you today?

I’ve been looking at more games to potentially buy. This time for PC. with the following options:

  • Warhammer Mark of Chaos – probably not, because it’s damned expensive, and crap.
  • Warhammer Mark of Chaos: Battle March – Makes that option far more viable, thanks to Dark Elves.
  • Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition. – From Steam.
  • Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising.
  • Dawn of War; Retribution – When it’s released.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – When it’s released.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millenium Online
  • Perhaps Warhammer online Age of Reckoning.

What do you think? to many? a lot of money? I should save funds for mothers birthday? i concur, otherwise she’ll kill me to death…

On other news, Still got lots of biology work, and I’ve only just found the sheet for it. slightly bad. Still need to do some ICT work, and UCAS personal statement, I’ll have to assess Emskis’ mood, and see if she’s be willing to help… don’t want to annoy her… other Emski related news, she’ll be happy tonight, Roast chicken!

Evony, again, Had a conversation with a welshman, Called him a monster… Transcript anyone?

<13:52>From [MadJames] : sorry was makeing a sandwich xD
To  [MadJames]: hehe, waht filling?
<13:53>From [MadJames] : peanutbutter xD
To  [MadJames]: i was never fond of peanut butter…
To  [MadJames]: simi suggests Bacon
<13:54>From [MadJames] : im a vegiterin xD
To  [MadJames]: MONSTER!!!
<13:55>From [MadJames] : haha
To  [MadJames]: what’s wrong with meat?
<13:55>From [MadJames] : the way they kill em
To  [MadJames]: humanely?
To  [MadJames]: simi hopes you die of malnutrition
<13:56>From [MadJames] : Hope You Go To Hell And Stay There Simi

MadJames is the welshman. the ‘To [MadJames]’ are mine.

Don’t you think he’s so polite? he was more vulgar before that…

finally, running low on cookies. Mother, Buy me more! (You go to Aldi regularly enough anyway 🙂 )

Anyhow, that’s all. Thanks for reading


love Willski.



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