Good evening.

This post is mostly to ensure the orange on the calendar thing…

Right, Time for pointless stuff no one cares about…

Evony! i got attacked, by evil welsh people! that’ll make for fun conversations…

Wilson: Why haven’t you done your homework?

Meski: I was fighting the welsh.

hehe, looking forward to that πŸ˜›

School stuff… ICT work, i need to prove my ICT project is an actual useful project, which i could do if Meakin understood the game. It’s hard to explain it’s usefulness if he can’t. not helpful… grr…Biology work! might not finish that, i’ve been pre-occupied fighting the welsh… but it’s very demanding homework… a lot to do… 5 or 6 hours work, at least… for a normal person, who does it properly… I’ll do it in one πŸ˜› well try too…UCAS! Haven’t done personal statement yet… not my fault. I’d blame the welsh. need to do that… it’s more important thenΒ  biology work…

Now, interesting useful stuff… πŸ˜›

I’ve ensured the orange… what else… err… cookies, not there when people buy them, so pitiful quantities…

err… i think that’s all…

Thanks for reading…



Love Willski…



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