Mathhammer, shooting Lees’ family and perhaps something else…

Good evening.

With the helpof Aidoneus for Bolter and Chainsword, a website that embc has so unhelpfully blocked here,  may be able to get my mathhammer system to work. can anyone tel me why this doesn’t work?

=B5*IF(B4<6,(BS/6),((225+B4)/36)*IF((B10-B12),2, 0,IF((B10-b12)=-2,(1/6)IF((B10-B12>2,(5/6,(((B10-B12)+3)/6))))*IF(B9>B11((B11-1)/6,((B13-1)/6))

any help would be greatly apreciated, and rewarded with cookies, when posible.

I anoyed Leeski, he seemed fine till i started trying to convince him that his neices chrsteing was a pointless waste of money, considering none of his immediate famly are religious… and told him to kill them, yeah, he didn’t like that…

stried to play noghts and crosses/tic tac toe, or whatever it is with him, that didn’t work, he just tried to make avery game unwinnable, and failed to do so… resulting in me winning in approx. 33% of games, out of 3… 🙂

may have to retaker a chemistry module test thing… later, but considering only 4 people out of 15, acieved target grade, i think that might have something to do with the teaching…

Bought mount & blade, Craig must be thrilled…

I think that’s all i have to say…

Thanks or reading.


Love Willski.



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