Biology practicals, no lunch, hungry…


Lost lunch today thanks to a biology practical. Allegedly this was fine, because we got half an hour to eat before it, when we should have had a lesson, interestingly that fell during a period of time, (period 4) during which we’re not supposed to be eating… (might be able to in social, can’t remember…) grr… so a distinct lack of food today… just had some pasta though… mmm… Pasta…

Now, what to buy, Mount & Blade, at Craigs request, or one or more seasons of House M.D. For Mother and Father…

This episode of X-Files is weird…

Now, i want you to do something for me. get one of the new £20 notes, look at the holograms, and hold it up to the light looking at each side, in general spend about 15-20 minutes examining it, they put far too much effort into those don’t they. mother just stole the only one i have to go bingo-ing… and the rest of my cash for that matter…

hmm… i think that’s all, aside from Purple Bourbons.

Thanks for reading.


Love Willski.



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