ICT Research, Mathhammer.

Good Evening.

As you wont now, because i’ve never told you, my ICT project incorporates Mathhammer, the use of, relaitvely basic, probability to calculate things in warhammer, links to help explain it:



Attempting to figure out how to do that in Microsoft ccess is proving somewhat dificult, partly due to most relevant websites being blocked, and these computers telling m they can’t open the pages on the bnon-blocked ones, and aborting. useless feinds. So i suppose i’l have to do that at home, yay, because i don’t have any other work that’s n any way important…

If you cn help me with this, please do.

well, all i really wanted to do was rant a bit, and i’m to lazy o type the rest of it. soo… Thanks or reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(not an imperative.)



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