Good Evening.

yes, father just attempted to teach me (and Benski,) some clutch control… which went well, aside from not being good at controlling revs, forgetting to brake, and stalling every time i didn’t… so really quite terribly… 🙂

I have a 5 minute, 42 second video of Ben trying to drive… if you like I’ll upload it… i decided against recording myself driving… it seemed somewhat difficult, unless i was going to try to balance my phone on my leg or something… which would probably be bad…

I’m still being harassed, +96475073 called me 5 times during my driving lesson, phone was turned off at the time. soo… I’ll just leave my phone of for about 2 weeks, perhaps they’ll get bored… Unless anyone knows how to block numbers on a Sony Ericsson K550i? nope?  oh well, still have my ‘new’ phone… which part of the British Law Enforcement would i inform of that, when i get bored?

Was texting Craig, and discovered something somewhat interesting, the only places in this place i don’t get a signal on me ‘new’ phone in my house are my room, and the parts of the back lounge, and i haven’t checked the kitchen, or utility room, or front lounge… strange, inconvenient…

Barely eaten anything today, i had a sausage roll a few hours ago… very hungry…

What’s the point in soya milk? why don’t those lactose intolerant people just man up, and vomit a lot i suppose… or stop drinking milk…

thanks for reading… Ta-ta.

Love Willksi, (under pain of death.)

(YAY! A jocular imperative…)



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