Mount & Blade


I’ve spent the last 3 hours or so playing Mount & Blade.

I agree with Craig, that it’s a good game, if the graphics are a bit rudimentary, combat systems acceptable, excluding mounted combat, I’d say on a par with some aspects of oblivion, slightly worse then Morrowinds. As for army control, it’s a bit sub-par, people don’t even fight in units, and an army which consists of 300 men? 300,000 would be a bit more realistic for the era. Although i can’t really criticize that, in Oblivion the army defending Bruma maxes out at around 15-30 with guards from all cities, and being at convenient points in other quests (so you can take people, preferably essential ones,) with you…

In terms of size, it suffers from something similar to Fable II, (probably Fable, and Fable III, but I’m not sure,) in that the actual map is very large, but accessible areas, i.e. one you can actually go, not just see a marker, ore quite limited, and small, (Compared to TESs you can go practically anywhere, and the earlier Elder Scrolls games somewhat substantial maps…)

taking that, and other things in mind, I’d say I’m willing to play the £4.99 from amazon for it…

Well, that’s all i have to say on that… thanks for reading.

Love Willski.




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