It’s a saturday!


It’s Saturday, so absolutely nothing of interest has happened, i could bore you all by reciting my homework that’s due in on Monday, but i wont. Hehe, what have I been doing?

Grandparents visited, spent a while testing peoples flexibility, which was quite weird… had some very nice roast beef, which was nice… (hence the ‘very nice’…)

Went on Supreme Commander 2… Possibly one of the worst balanced games I’ve every played… It’s a game I’m quite good at, as Cybran I can quite easily take out a Hard Illuminate, But even holding of a normal UEF once they’ve go some artillery is practically impossible. On Supreme Commander, I can, quite easily take out an AI Adaptive of any faction, as any faction, and can just about manage 2V1. (me as the one.) I’ll admit, that play styles on the sequel are different, but I’m quite sure that shouldn’t have such a drastic effect, against one faction…

Anyhow, i don’t like ranting and the wording of that was quite atrocious…

Off to find a router now, thanks for reading.

Love Willski.



2 Responses to “It’s a saturday!”

  1. pleased you liked the beef – but eat more peas next time please xx


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