Stuff, KE VII, so called ‘wheat biscuits’ and mornings.

Good Evening (at 07:52)

How are you today? Good, I’m fine thanks. done anything interesting? I think I’ll stop this now…

Soo, what do I have to do today?

I’ll get back to that, my wheat biscuits have dissolved! I should really eat my breakfast in under 30 minutes…

Biology homework for first lesson, I’ll do that later,  probably a good 25 minutes till i leave, (now 07:56)… but yes,  have to go to KE VII today, not surprising really…

mornings, they’re so boring, i wake up, when my alarm goes off, at 06:00 i promptly fall asleep, then wake up when the second alarm goes off, at 06:05, then 06:10, 06:15 and 06:20. at this point i usually spend about 30-50 minutes watching BBC breakfast, then proceed to get my breakfast… It’s incredibly boring, isn’t it? Any recommendations for more interesting morning activities? or, for that matter, something interesting to do over the weekend? Please comment in the comments. Ta-ta.

Thanks for reading.

Love Willski.

(Yeah, I don’t know why I’m actually going to post this…)



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