Lunch! with a decided lack of field, or cookies…


Still at KE VII, lunch now 😀 In social, yay! Why’s it called social? (informally of course, it’s the Sixth for center’ or something…

Hmm, I think I’ll try and start biology homework after posting this… or not…

anyway, yess, cookies, quite so. mmm… cookies… finished another pack… down to 7 now… that’s seven packs… My mind not working… Due to ‘bad weather’ and ‘mud’ we’re not going to the field, which is somewhat saddening, i’m left to sit in here, on my own, well, not quite, there’s a Leeski, Craigski, Abbie and Kris… also  Chris, but he’s all the way over there… where was I? aah yess, i’m here on my own talking to myself… Unfortunately not aloud, which can have amusing consquences… such as being told to shut up, or being hit round the head with an oar… thank you benski…

Hehe, i’m posting an awful lot today… third is it now? don’t think i’ll post tonight, unless something particularly interesting happens here…

Want to play mass effect…

Anyhow, thanks for reading.

Love Willski, (not an impertive.)




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