In social again…

Good evening.

Again not n the evening, 10:24 now…

As you may have guessed from the title, i’m in social center again, Yay?

once again, there’s a Craig about 2 feet to my right, and, fortunately, he’s not trying to correct me this time, HUZZA!

Annoingly the resolution on this screen is painfuly low, as i’m typing this, most of the text box thing is covered by the Draft saving, publishing box, and the catagories box, i can’t  se what i’m doing… and there’s a josh behind me talking about overly complex ws to add posts… okay… I’ll leave him to it… strange fiend… he’s sitting nextto a panda… GAAH! need higher resolution, i run on 1920 by 1280 or something like that at home, this looks like 400 X 600… it’s horrible… perhaps i should have accepted craigs offer to swap computers.. meh, too late now… anyhow, time to find some actual work to do, biology or UCAS?

Well, thanks for reading.

Love Willski (not an imperative.)




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