Evenin’ and it’s actually evening this time!

Hehe, i said i probably wouldn’t post again today, but i appear to be doing so…

I got slightly, intentionally, drenched in the rain. In the process amusing Craig, i decided to stand underneath a section hear the edge of a roof, with a good amount of water running of near-constantly. Brilliant! i considered not bothering to shower. (although i didn’t anyway… had a bath, but you don’t need to know that…)

Interesting stuff has happened! I tried to hug James, which was fun, Chased him about 240m (measured on google earth, from memory of route taken…)

I’ve been playing mass effect, conclusions on classes, well, ‘military specialization’

Engineer: Good, well balanced, useful abilities, potent shields, but poor weapon options, and low health… overall, good.

Adept: Biotics fun and useful, shields low, health negligible, weapon choice poor. overall, useless.

Soldier: Effective, good weapon options, good health, good armor, good shields, No interesting abilities. Overall boring

I’ll update when I’ve tried the other 3…

Currently listening to Powerslave, (album) by Iron Maiden, very good, i like it.

Well, i think that’s it, thanks for reading.

Love Willski.




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