Back at home, since about 15:45… cookies, Assassins Creed Brotherhood Limited Codex Edition, Lunch and a confusing midget


Short things first, The Confusing Midget, Ian. I think he’s trying to confuse me, on msn he said:

Little Ian says (16:49):
*oh why did you do that? I hate you sometimes william.

And promptly signed off, i responded with:

:[Willski:[                       said (16:58):
*quite so, my midget-ey dissapearing fiend…

Too which he is yet to reply.


Please don’t criticize my grammar, or spelling, or use of word in here, I work from the theory, if you use excessive amounts of punctuation, and nice sounding words, even if they’re inaccurate, all is well, if not, Jaws will eat my leg. So shut up Craig 😀 (meant in the nicest way possible, That’s terrible wording… I’ll leave it.. to thirsty… Ellipsis…)

For clarification, Jaws is my Goldfish.

Cookies, I’m down to 7 packs, terrible… That’s all i have on that one…

Lunch, despite the terrible weather, all sunny, and warm, disgusting, isn’t it. People actually went on the field today, the monsters… which did result in some amusing activities, but a distinct lack of anything worth recording, so i didn’t. Yay!

And I’ve now pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Limited Codex Edition (Xbox 360) from, ’cause I’m awesome. Don’t believe that, I’m not awesome.

Emski’s fighting Wayne… Strange… (Wayne’s one of my dogs… Well, the families dogs, although mothers dogs is probably more accurate…)

Sausage casserole tonight, terrible, I mean, it’s quite good for what it is, but i hate it… so i just skin the sausages, and eat them… get criticized for that…

Hmm, low flying aircraft… how sweet…

Anyhow, Thanks for reading.

Love Willski.


(To Mass Effect!)


2 Responses to “Back at home, since about 15:45… cookies, Assassins Creed Brotherhood Limited Codex Edition, Lunch and a confusing midget”

  1. William
    Firstly – There is no excuse for spelling disappearing incorrectly
    Secondly – You should know which ‘to’, ‘too’ or ‘two’ to use.
    Sixthly- Any further spelling or grammatical errors in our posts may lead to withdrawal of the cookie buying
    Tenthly – Do not complain about perfectly good food, especially when your over-worked parents go to the trouble of providing you with cheesey baked potato rather than mash because of your pickyness!!!


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