At KE VII, how terribly interesting…

Good evening.

How are you today? I’m currently at KE VII, in social center, during a non-contact, thrilling… Although i have just had another SMS-ey conversation with Craig, which ended up with us taking about jumping of bridges… also slightly strange, because he’s about 2 feet to my right…  maybe 3…

I was intending to work on personal statement now, but i appear to have been somewhat distracted… slightly bad, and i cant use Firefox,  so now spell-checker apologies about that…

As for interesting things that have happened, not much since i last posted, spent 4 1/2 hours on mass effect yesterday, overusing punctuation again, more cereal turning to useless mush, when i get distracted, but Wheatabix this time! HUZZA! Well, ‘wheat biscuits’, because parents are cheap… I’ll have to beat them…

On a completely unrelated note, I didn’t challenge Meakin to a duel, because i couldn’t find any swords, although i don’t know if i posted that here… meh, running out of things to type, and there’s a non-matriarchal fiend correcting me as i type, should i stab him? i think not… that would be impolite, and he’s my master, so there’s slight a hierarchal problems there… although i do outrank him… and he’s level with Ian, so either of us could instigate a stabbing.. perhaps the wrong word, i don’t care, it sounds nice… this all sounds so much better in my head, keeps tones better, again leaning towards vlogs…

Thanks for reading

love willski.




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