Can’t think of much to write…


Can’t think of much to write here toady, because i don’t want to rant about the idiocy of my biology teachers, one of which i really want to beat round the head with a clamp stand… gaah, useless, for unwilling-ness to use a strong, or more offensive word/term, female dog. 😛

She, singlehandedly destroyed my timetable, and devastated my social life by switching my biology group, and then refused to move me back, despite intervention from Eveson, joint head of 6th form or something like that, and parents. but yeah, i’m not going to rant, (i’ve done plenty of that, 3 sides of A4 paper…)

in one piece of good news, i didn’t mention this on monday, because i discovered after i’d posted, and I was feeling to lazy to post another, and didn’t say yesterday, because i’m forgetful…

New series of horizon! HUZZA!!!

but yeah, that’s it… thanks for reading

Love Willski.




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